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In a time when change takes place faster than ever, businesses must evolve quickly and adeptly to maintain and create new successes, in all industries and for all internal functions.  Companies have to constantly re-asses operations, marketing, consumers and demographics in their markets.  The competitive advantage will go to the agile, motivated and early adapters.  Business models have to be reconsidered to protect and increase current market share and enable the successful execution of winning steps to increased profitable growth

Privately held since 2015, Total Operations Support Solutions is a leading professional services firm that delivers change management, turnaround project management and other business advisory services to organizations seeking to transform operations, jump start growth and accelerate results through decisive action.  Most importantly TOSS uses a RUNWAY™ approach to implementation that assures the changes are long term and sustainable.  The focus for each project is a Full Solution Approach from (a) Situational Analysis to (b) RUNWAY™ which is a proprietary implementation process involving employees to (c) long term, sustainable and measurable Desired End Results.